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August 13, 2004

Our world as a MMOG

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Have you ever felt like there is someone who controls this world, someone who punishes us when we do bad things and rewards us for doing good? Someone who keeps score; someone who gives us subtle clues when we are lost; someone who watches over us. Have you been hit by too many coincidences? Well, you are not alone.

If you have ever played The Sims, you’d be familiar with the theme. Here is an excerpt taken from Electronic Art’s website –

“Your Sims now have purpose in life. Do they aspire to a life of fame, fortune, family, knowledge, or romance? It’s up to you to decide if they will be a lover or a loser, a prince or a pauper, a fool or a mastermind, and many other choices. Give them what they want and they’ll lead a long, successful existence; indulge their fears and risk ruining their lives. It’s all in your hands.”

Notice the last line of the excerpt – It’s all in your hands!! You, the player, control what happens in your sim’s world. You can make them miserable or you can make them happy. You can bring floods and famine; you can make them sick. You can make them fight and kill each other. Isn’t that what’s going on right now in this world, the real world? All the wars, the floods, the hunger……..

People who kill someone in rage often wonder, later, what took over them. They would never have done those things in their full senses. Your mind is only as much free as the “player” allows it to be. Notice how some people don’t have any purpose in life. Or take for example homeless people or drug addicts or estranged youth. They are the way they are either because their “player” has abandoned the game or he has gone for a long break.

Computer viruses are getting more and more sophisticated day by day; and so are our diseases. We have come from simple cold to AIDS today and no one knows what else is to come yet. It takes sometime for the antivirus developers to catch up with new viruses and that’s why there is no cure for AIDS yet. “Those guys” haven’t yet updated their antivirus software.

In computer programming, a class is a blueprint for many objects. i.e. all the objects will have some of their properties inherited from that base class and some properties of their own. Now think of our DNA, also called “the molecules of Heredity”. Most of the DNA code is identical between any two humans but there are enough differences to make each one of us unique.

There are many more things that can be explained by looking at our world as a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. We play sims, someone plays us and someone plays who is playing us. Universe inside a universe inside a universe. These ideas seem far-fetched but who knows! Whatever the “reality” is, I hope the server doesn’t crash. Remember dinosaurs?


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