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March 7, 2006

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis.

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They say it doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is how you say it. How was your body language? Were your eyes darting from place to place? Were you fidgeting? These visual cues carry more weightage ’cause they come from our unconscious mind. We have no contol over them. They are the ultimate giveaways. Eyes don’t lie as they say.

Our handwriting is one such visual cue. Our hand is just a medium to hold the pen. The actual writing is done by the mind. Or rather, by our subconscious mind. Notice how your pen just glides across the page, forming letters and words. Only thing you are aware of is what you are writing, not how you are writing it. You don’t notice how big your letters are, how much space is there between two words, how much pressure you are putting on the page, or how you are forming the individual letters. Which of three humps is bigger in your m? Are your Os open? Are your Ts crossed?

Handwriting analysis involves looking at all these visual cues and doing a personality assessment. It cannot tell what you had for breakfast and it cannot tell whether a brick would fall on your head. It can just tell what kind of a person you are. Short tempered? Egoistic? Friendly? Generous? Selfish? Satisfied with life? The answers may surprise you. Think you are frank and honest? Take a handwriting test.

The pen doesn’t lie as they say.


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