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November 12, 2014

Canon EOS-M – Poor Man’s RX1

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The best way to sum up Canon EOS-M (with 22mm lens) is this – It’s a poor man’s RX1. Of course it will not match RX1’s combo of full-frame sensor with a Zeiss prime but it comes awfully close. And all for a paltry sum of $300 which is what it was selling for as of November 2014.

I have read lots of reviews and examined hundreds of image samples from all kinds of cameras, including the aforementioned RX1. And I can say without any hesitation that this tiny 22mm f/2 lens has ridiculous amounts of resolving power. It’s up there with the best of them. In fact, it’s being limited by the relatively “low-res” sensor. Here is an example.

This is the complete image:

And here is a 100% crop:
Canon 22mm f/2 - 100% Crop

You can actually read those letters and read them comfortably! Notice how each letter is still distinct even at this tiny size. This would have turned into a blurry mess on a lesser lens. That is some serious resolving power. If this does not make your hair stand up, you are either dead or a medium-format user 🙂

I can only imagine what this lens could do on a higher-res sensor. Here is hoping to a 36MP M3.


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